Montenegro franchising


The business climate is hospitable for the franchising business model in Montenegro. Various reports assess Montenegro as a growing market in the field of European tourism and property investment. The number of foreigners living in Montenegro and the number of tourists visiting Montenegro is increasing every year, and this provides another target market for franchisers. There is a strong market potential for franchises in the following sectors: food and beverages, catering, cosmetics, and apparel but specially luxury goods.

Selling Factors & Techniques

Factors and techniques that are critical to success in Montenegro are the same as in most other countries: a product or service that has a good reputation, value for money, a seller who maintains close contact with buyers, a motivated and well-trained sales force, strong market promotion and, for technical products, having a professional and end-user oriented customer service network in place. The ability to provide product financing is of lesser importance than it was previously, as financing from local banks has become more readily available.

The size of the Montenegrin market is a limiting factor for highly specialized products. For such products, it can be more challenging to find a local representative as the potential sales volumes may not justify the costs of putting the product on the market. A regional distributor covering the local market may provide better economies of scale. Overall private sector growth argues well for western businesses that are accustomed to selling products based on pricing, volume, quality, and servicing ability.

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